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Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Our service department is the driving motor behind our organization. We have skilled, experienced technicians who can help with installations, commissioning, solve problems and they think with you to offer the right solution.

We provide three main services:

  • Port Repairs
  • Voyage Repairs
  • Supply of Parts & Components

Port Repairs:
HES provides a wide range of repair services on marine electrical systems of all kind of vessels. HES offers overhaul, rewinding and reconditioning of marine motors and generators. Removal, refitting and transportation from foundation to motor repair shop en vice versa are the responsibility of HES.

To remedy the failures of rotating equipment, HES offers the following on-board services:

  • Laser alignment
  • Vibration analysis
  • Balancing

Furthermore, HES provides thermographic and infra-red scanning instruments which help the user to detect the so-called hot spots in electric switchboards, panels, motors and generators.

HES switchboard department is specialized in the design and manufacture of power-switchboards, distribution and section panels. Manufacture of control consoles, automation desk and panels are the responsibility of this department as well.

Voyage repairs
HES flying squads have immediate availability to board vessels at sea so as to address electronic and electrical emergencies. Wherever in the world you happen to be, we can land our experts on board to help you out.

Supply of parts and components
HES provides expertise in the field of sourcing and selecting the right parts and components needed for vessel repairs. Thanks to its many reliable suppliers, HES can supply any brand-name product required by customers against competitive terms. See Parts and Spares

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