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Testing of circuit breaker
It is mandatory to regularly test your low voltage circuit breakers for proper behaviour under overload and fault conditions. Primary injection testing is the only means of providing a precise and real test of over current devices and current transformers. This verifies their settings and ensures that your power distribution system is properly protected. HES has a primary current injection system in possession which is designed for high current injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers.

Secondary current injection tests are performed using specially designed test sets which is unique for each equipment manufacturer. Secondary injection testing only tests the trip unit,  the test allows checking of the trip unit without using primary current.  Harbour Electronical Services has a full range of secondary current injection test sets from manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Terasaki and Schneider, we are also capable of testing ABB, Siemens and Hyundai.


Electrical tests on motors

We are now able to perform the following electrical test method on motors. this fully automated auto test is to check the motor’s “health”, with a surge voltage up to 3 kV, 100 nF surge capacitance inclusive peak to peak testing.

  • resistance in 4-wire measurement with temperature compensation,
  • insulation resistance up to 6 kV with temperature compensation,
  • high voltage DC up to 6 kV,
  • polarization index and DAR up to 6 kV,
  • inductance (L),
  • RIC-test at squirrel cage rotors (RIC: Rotor Influence Check),
  • impedance (Z),
  • capacitance (C),
  • PE/GB-resistance,
  • finding the neutral zone at DC motors,
  • rotary field of stator or motor,
  • location of turn-to-turn faults with a test probe for stators and armatures.

After delivery of a revised motor in our workshop you can get full report with the main characteristics of your motor. We can also test the electrical condition of your motors on location.

Please contact our office for more details.

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